Sediment cores are collected using a variety of means, that result in a different research resource, suited to different projects. This video will cover the variety of long core types, including piston, gravity, kasten and vibrocores. We will discuss the merits of each, and how they are used to target different depths and materials. Then we will take a detailed look at the use of coring devices that aim to capture the sediment water interface, often the most valuable horizon within a core, and increasingly used to study recent changes in ocean circulation, productivity and the prevalence of microplastics in the deep ocean. These resources are unique, having been collected since the 1950’s, many are still in use today, and can be used to an increasing diversity of studies.

If you are interested in understanding more about sedimentology, how to access these resources globally, or how to design your sampling campaign to capture the information you want, this video will develop your understanding, and introduce to some of the most interesting cores in BOSCORF.


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Millie Bompard

Millie Bompard

Project lead for GAEA, overseeing curriculum development, scripting and 3D environments

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