Cosmogenic Nuclides

Understanding the age of formation of glacial landforms is essential for providing context to modern rates of change in glaciated landscapes, and the extent of human impact on the changing Arctic, [...]

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K-Ar and Ar/Ar geochronology

Learning aims: This course will demonstrate best practice for the collection and analysis of geological samples that can be dated using the Ar-Ar method. It provides the theory behind the technique [...]

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Sediment Core Analysis: XRF

This course will cover a range of non-destructive approaches to geochemical analysis of sediment cores, to include marine, terrestrial and lacustrine materials, in addition to a range of novel sample [...]

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Stable Isotopes in Ecology

This course will focus on the use of stable isotopes to understand modern ecology. We will cover experimental design, sample collection and analysis, and best practise for data management. We will [...]

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Zircon collage

Uranium Decay Geochronology

  The Uranium Decay Geochronology course is currently under development and will open for registration in Spring 2023. We are currently recording the videos and capturing field and laboratory [...]

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