Graphic depicting field gear such as hammers, chisels, tampons and menstrual cups


Menstruation remains a barrier to the field sciences, and there is still a taboo around raising the subject with field teams. This video has been crowdsourced from over 50 scientists worldwide who have offered advice and guidance not only for those who menstruate, but also those who accompany them, and join them on field teams.

The script can be viewed here, comments accepted until the 18th March 2024

A Padlet with hints and tips can be viewed and added to here.

You can take an anonymous survey here. Data from this will be used to develop further training. 

This is a comprehensive guide to the issues menstruation can pose in cold, wet and remote fieldwork, and how these issues can be practically addressed. We will cover common concerns from those assigned female at brth (FAB), the variety of problems that need to be overcome in order to accomplish fieldwork goals, and the range of equipment that can help, including a thorough discussion of menstrual health products on offer, the arguments for providing products for everyone on field work, and some products that have been suggested by those with experience. We will also cover to FAQ’s for non-menstruators, some common menstrual conditions, and appropriate language you can use to discuss this issue with your field team.

If you are interested in taking part, we are aiming to film this in July, please contact

There is an accompanying Facebook Group, for those who wish to discuss the topic or seek advice: Bloody Fieldwork.




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Millie Bompard

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