Dr derek fabel

Dr Derek Fabel

Manager, NEIF Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory

Interests: Geomorphology, landscape evolution, glaciers and ice sheets, climate change, tectonics, terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides, geochemistry, accelerator mass spectrometry.

I am a geomorphologist, that’s a scientist who studies how the landforms that shape the Earth’s surface are formed and changed by processes such as rivers, oceans, air and ice. To do this I measure extremely rare cosmogenic nuclides in rock and sediments using accelerator mass spectrometry. The results provide information on when landscapes formed, and their rate of change. I am currently working on projects that aim to constrain how the East Antarctic ice sheet has changed during the last two million years, how fast the Scottish ice cap disappeared about 12000 years ago, if the Austrian Alps are still rising, and improving the analytical precision of surface exposure dating. My work is largely interdisciplinary and includes collaboration with scientists working in the fields of geomorphology, geology, glaciology, nuclear physics and geochemistry.

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Cosmogenic Nuclides

Understanding the age of formation of glacial landforms is essential for providing context to modern rates of change in glaciated landscapes, and the extent of human impact on the changing Arctic, [...]

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