Dr Dan Condon

Dan Condon is a scientist at the British Geological Survey (BGS) with responsibility for a suite of laboratories concerned with the characterisation of rocks (including isotopes, mineralogy and petrology and core scanning).  Within NEIF he has oversight of the geochronology and tracer capabilities based at the BGS.  His interests are in the collaborative application of geochronology to the stratigraphic record, crustal processes and fluid-rock interaction, across a range of geological timescales.  As part of the EARTHTIME initiative he has led international initiatives around the standardisation and calibration of the U-daughter dating schemes, including technical innovations and community engagement.

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NEIF BGS Stable Isotopes and Geochronological Tracers Facilities

This tour includes both the BGS Stable Isotope Facility (Contact Mel Leng @ BGS) and the BGS Geochronology and Tracers Facility (Contact Dan Condon @ [...]

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